The first private medical transport, recognized by the Ministry of Health in the Rijeka area. We offer courtesy, state-of-the-art vehicles, equipment and many years of experience. We guarantee maximum comfort and safety with all necessary licenses and vehicle certificates. Contact us with confidence!

Medical transport Bilen offers top quality, which has earned numerous high reviews. Although our headquarters are in Rijeka, we provide a quick response in the surrounding areas without unnecessary, exhausting and tiring waiting. By agreement, we carry out transportation throughout Croatia and abroad!

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Bilen, transport of disabled and immobile persons, was founded after many years of experience in providing medical transport services in the health center. Knowledge and experience have been translated into quality service, which makes life easier for those in need! Accompanied by medical staff and, if necessary, accompanied by a doctor, we guarantee a safe and quick trip. We are proud of the quality of our service and in emergency cases we offer our clients an oxygen bottle.​

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All recommendations. Very professional and responsible. The vehicle is very comfortable and well equipped. A really big THANK YOU for this long journey and kindness. This means a lot to many people in these situations. Greetings to the whole team.
Zdenko Lukic
Ivan, Anđel... Thank you from ❤️! Top service... We recommend it to everyone.
Rajka krstačić
Professional. kind. Top service.
Nehaj Puratic
Excellent service, all praise and recommendation
Milivoj Baričević
Reliable and responsible with good prices... all recommendations..
Goran Mandić
Professionall!!!! Thank you!
Suzana Z
Praise! 🙂
Đurđa Pintar
Rating on Google Maps: 4.9
Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih rijeka

Why choose our transport service for people with limited mobility and immobile people?

We provide clients with medical transport in Rijeka, throughout Croatia and in
abroad. We offer medical transport from abroad accompanied by medical staff and if necessary
accompanied by a doctor.
The passenger van, which offers comfort while driving, has been repurposed to provide medical transport services for immobile and disabled people.
It contains all the necessary modern equipment that the patient needs for a pleasant and safe ride. The equipment guarantees a safe and comfortable ride with a minimum amount of effort that makes recovery difficult.
The comfort and sense of security we offer is extremely important for the quick recovery of the patient. Along with all the equipment, we also have an oxygen bottle in case of emergency.
We provide our clients with the quality service they deserve and need. We are characterized by a high level of experience, which is why we provide fast and efficient transport even in the most difficult cases.

Medical transport services

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih na specijalističke preglede rijeka

Specialist examinations

Get a specialist examination quickly and safely

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih na rehabilitaciju u toplicama rijeka

Rehabilitation in the spa

Pleasant transport to the spa and back helps in recovery

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih iz doma u dom rijeka

From home to home

Moving home can be tricky, our team will help make it easy

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih u kliniku rijeka

Transport to another clinic

Transportation of the patient to another clinic with escort

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz dijaliziranih pacijenata i nepokretnih rijeka

Transportation of dialysis patients

All necessary equipment enables safe and fast transportation of dialysis patients

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih na izlet rijeka


We provide pleasant trips for immobile and disabled people

Other services

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i prebacivanje nepokretnih rijeka

Lifting and transferring the patient

Request on call only to lift and transfer the patient up the stairs to the desired place

Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih u ležećem položaju rijeka

Bany kind of transport in a lying position

Contact us for any transport needs of people with difficulty moving, immobile, operated and sick people who are not allowed/recommended to move due to their current condition or need to be transported in a lying position

Carrying out private duties

Going to the bank, social services and the like.

The ambulance patient comes first

The driver has training as a paramedic and is quick to help in any situation. Our staff team has developed empathy for patients. The staff has experience with the most difficult cases. We are distinguished by our quick response and professional medical transport service!

Your transportation needs of immobile and disabled people are our top priority. Forget reckless medical technicians and drivers who can't wait to finish their work day. We love our work and care about our patients.

Public medical transport is known for its poor attitude towards patients. We provide you with the greatest comfort and consideration of the staff. We appreciate all suggestions for improving the service. We will gladly listen to your wishes and fulfill them with great satisfaction.

Experience a level of professionalism that will give you a good feeling for a quick recovery.

Privatno Vozilo za Saitetski prijevoz pacijenata i nepokretnih rijeka

Our features

The trust of our clients and numerous features have prepared us to skillfully adapt the service to any situation.

Saitetski prijevoz rijeka

Fast and safe

Many years of experience stand behind you and your needs

Saitetski prijevoz rijeka

24x7 Availability

Always available service at the right time

Saitetski prijevoz rijeka

Save time

Perform all inspections and needs faster and easier

Saitetski prijevoz